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Important Information for Diabetic Veterans

On  7/8/15, the VA has placed a proposed rule in the Federal Register that will affect all those seeking disability compensation for Diabetes Mellitus II (DMII).  They intend to change their Schedule of Rating Disabilities (SRD) to reflect that rating levels of 20, 40, and 60 percent all REQUIRE that you be taking insulin injections.  The current SRD allows a 20 percent rating to be given if you are taking pills for your DMII without Insulin injections (also need a restricted diet but that is a requirement for all DMII levels).  THIS WILL ONLY AFFECT THOSE CURRENTLY SEEKING A RATING LEVEL FOR DMII AND WILL NOT AFFECT THOSE ALREADY HAVING A DMII RATING (UNLESS YOU APPLY FOR INCREASE AT SOME FUTURE DATE IT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO AFFECT YOUR RATING LEVEL THEN REGARDING THOSE WANTING TO GO FROM A 10% DMII RATING TO A 20% DMII RATING).  This could be especially important to all Vietnam Vets since DMII is a presumptive illness for most of them BUT it has the potential to affect any other vet seeking a DMII rating also.


You have an opportunity to provide your public comments on this issue, which must be answered publicly by the VA, by going to and provide comments in accordance with the instructions at that URL PRIOR TO 9/8/15.  I strongly urge you to provide your comments.


Call me paranoid, but I suspect this is part of an effort by VA to strengthen their current "regulation of activities" language in the 40% and higher DMII levels and this is the first step in that process.  The Federal Register for this proposed rule indicates they are putting before committee the rest of the DMII language at some future unspecified date.


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